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If you don’t already use Bulk SMS services in Australia to reach your customers, you may be missing out on easy exposure.

Unlike emails that can be easily ignored, a short SMS is always noticed. This means that bulk text message services have an ability to reach customers far more effectively than traditional emails. With our low-price services, including Web SMS, easy-to-integrate API, and email-to-SMS products, our powerful gateway can help you get on top of your competition by ensuring all your customers see your notifications, and at lightning speed.  You can even plan ahead and schedule bulk SMS messages, allowing you to plan your communication ahead of time.

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No Setup Costs. No Monthly Fees. No Contracts

Our services are simple and straightforward. Our Bulk SMS packages:

• Only require a working internet connection

• Are pre-paid, so you don’t automatically get charged for a plan

• Include bulk pricing, so the more you buy, the more you save

• Don’t charge you for the replies you receive

Reach everyone at once with ease and reliability

Bulk SMS/Text Message Service

Our reliable gateway comes with a 99%
uptime promise and allows:

  • single to thousands of SMS messages to be sent at once, and
  • delivers to all Australian carriers.

You can use several methods to send
out your SMS messages:

  • send messages directly using our Web SMS platform,
  • use a standard email client to send message using Email to SMS, or
  • integrate a flexible API into your own site.
  • Whether you’re a membership organisation, a retail shop, a sports centre, a gym, or a school, Bulk SMS can help you keep in touch with your contacts

Uses of Bulk SMS Messages

Whether you’re a membership organization, a retail shop, a sports centre, a gym, or a school,
Bulk SMS can help you keep in touch with your contacts in such ways as:


Inform conference attendees
of last-minute time or venue changes


Promote special events & sales


Notifying colleagues or server alerts


Send a reminder to make sure clients or patients don’t miss appointments

Due Dates

remind members of expiry dates & payment due dates

Full Technical Support

If you have any problems, all our services come with full technical support.
We will respond to all enquiries and resolve all support issues.

SMSTech: Reliable and affordable

Sending SMS messages in bulk is a growing trend for Australian businesses. It’s cheaper and more effective
than direct mail or email routes; and, with SMSTech it’s easy and affordable.

Whether you’d rather a web interface or an integrated API with full API documentation,
we have a plan to suit your needs.

To get a feel for our service, why not sign up today – it’s instant, free of charge, and no credit
card is required. If you would like more information on our Bulk SMS or Text Message Service in Australia, talk to an SMS
Tech expert today.