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Email to SMS allows you to send an SMS message using your
regular email program such as Outlook, and is one of the best
ways to streamline and automate your SMS delivery procedures.

All you need to do to send an SMS text message is simply to send an email that includes the contact’s mobile number to us in our easy-to-use Email to SMS format. No additional software is required and you receive your message replies to your inbox.

This allows you to conduct all SMS communications through your email software – a true two-way Email to SMS messaging solution.

Our Email to SMS service has a number of useful applications, such as:

Calendar reminders

Generating automatic reminders for calendar events

Meeting Reminders

Sending reminders to meeting attendees

Quick Communication

Communicating quickly and efficiently with field staff

Individual SMS

Send quick messages without having to log in to your online account.

SMSTech is perfect for single SMS communications

When it comes to finding a solution for small-scale SMS delivery that offers the convenience
of using your existing technology, SMSTech’s Email to SMS service is ideal.

With your ability to manage and track SMS communications via your email program, Email to
SMS opens up the flexibility of rapid SMS communications to your business operation.

To get a feel for our Email to SMS service, why not sign up today – it’s instant, free of charge,
and no credit card is required. If you would like more information about SMSTech and the services
we offer, talk to an SMSTech representative today.