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SMS messaging is considered the most reliable and engaging method for Australian businesses to communicate with their customers. But, to be truly effective it requires a high quality gateway; that means great features, high reliability and a low price.

SMSTech offers a highly reliable, secure and fast SMS gateway software at a low-cost price point that’s affordable for Australian businesses large and small. In fact, SMSTech is one of the lowest cost Australian SMS gateways available.

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Reliability, security, speed

SMSTech employs multiple gateways and routes, which is essential to ensure high-speed message delivery all around Australia.
By utilising a combination of direct and hybrid gateways, we’ve kept the cost low while maintaining a very high reliability.

You’ll get direct carrier access to Telstra and Vodafone networks, while Optus traffic is routed through a top-tier Australian aggregator service,
allowing you to reach out to your customers nationwide.

Furthermore, our dedicated technical support team responds to all enquiries and resolves all support issues as necessary.

Friendly sales & technical support

Our friendly sales staff will provide you with all the help you need, including the best advice to
enable you to use our SMS marketing tool efficiently and effectively. We respond to all enquiries
and resolve all support issues.
In addition, all our plans come with training included.

Free Reporting

Reporting tools allow you to visualise who is receiving your SMS messages through delivery receipts, which are provided for free on all our plans.

Simple to use

You won’t need any special software to send SMS messages with SMSTech – with Web SMS and Email to SMS, you can send messages using a web browser or standard email client, respectively. If you have your own software, it can interface with our gateway via our API.

Easy pricing plans

When it comes to billing, our pre-paid pricing plans make it easy. You simply pay for the messages that you send. There are no set up fees and no contracts. Once you reach your pre-paid quota, it’s easy to top-up.

SMSTech offers power and affordability

Combining a reliable Australian gateway and a powerful API with excellent customer and technical
support, SMSTech’s product will suit the SMS messaging needs of all Australian businesses.

To get a feel for our service, why not sign up today – it’s instant, free of charge, and no credit card
is required. If you would like more information about SMSTech and the services we offer,
talk to an SMSTech representative today.