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When it comes to getting in contact with your customers, SMS for business marketing offers high levels of reach and engagement. Undertaking SMS marketing as a part of your broader campaigns cuts through the clutter of traditional direct marketing, making business SMS one of the highest ROIs among all communications channels.

That’s the reason behind the rapidly-growing popularity of SMS marketing in Australia, so let’s have a look at why SMS is so effective.

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SMS messages are delivered instantly and have a high read rate

When a customer receives an SMS, they’re likely to see it and read it immediately; your message isn’t going to get lost in an overflowing email inbox. Not only that, but SMS messages are delivered almost instantly.

As such, SMS has the highest read-rate of any communications channel, between 90 and 99%, making SMS the clear winner when it comes to instant communication.

SMS Marketing for Businesses

SMS marketing is reliable and has a high conversion rate

Marketing emails have a habit of being blocked by spam filters, while direct mail gets lost among the junk clogging the letterbox. Customers haven’t yet grown tired of SMS marketing, and because it’s so easy to opt in or opt out there’s stronger engagement, which leads to a high conversion rate.

In fact, SMS marketing in Australia has the highest conversion rate among all communications channels.

SMS is flexible

With the SMS systems available today, you’re able to use short codes to send from a simple number or from a personalised caller ID.

Sending bulk SMS messages is simple and is often used to inform an entire customer base, through an online address book, about a sale or other important event.

Example use cases

While almost every business can benefit from an SMS communications and marketing system,
it’s particularly useful for businesses offering subscription based services to allow easy sign up.

Retail outlets frequently use SMS messaging to inform customers of special offers and discounts;
or, to announce the opening of a new franchise store to generate the most buzz and foot traffic.

SMSTech offers an affordable solution

With SMSTech, you’re able to manage all your SMS activities through our web-based interface, or build your own by utilising our easy-to-integrate API. If you ever get stuck, we’ll be there to respond to all enquiries an resolve any support issues that arise.

On a technical level, our infrastructure supports national delivery to all Australian carriers.

SMSTech SMS marketing

SMSTech’s SMS solutions enable you to carry out all your SMS marketing activities easily, affordably and reliably. And, we cater to operations of all sizes. Both large and small Australian businesses use SMSTech for their marketing activities.

To get a feel for our service, why not sign up today – it’s instant, free of charge, and no credit card is required. If you would like more information about SMSTech and how you can benefit from the advantages of SMS marketing, talk to an SMSTech expert today. Contact SMSTech